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zimapán municipality of hidalgo

Zimapán, Hidalgo

The Municipality of Zimapán derives its name from the Nahuatl roots, cimatl,
"cimate" and bread, "on or about". Which means "On the cimate or between
cimate. "(Cimate is a root that was used to cause fermentation

The Municipality of Zimapán is located 144 kilometers from Pachuca, between
the parallels 20 ° 44 'north latitude and 99 ° 23' west longitude, to
a height of 1.780 meters above the sea level.
Zimapán is a Mexican municipality of the State of Hidalgo. Founded in
1522 by the Spanish, its name derives from the Nahuatl roots,
cimatl "cimate" and pan "or" does "On the cimate or
between cimate ".

The municipality is located 144 kilometers from the capital of Pachuca
state, between latitudes 20 ˚ 44 'north latitude and 99 ˚ 23'de length
West, at a height of 1.780 meters above the sea level.

The region was inhabited primarily by Zimapán Hña-hñues ethnic and
Quinamíes then they were influenced Olmec and Nahoa,
who induced them to leave the nomadic life to gather at

Zimapán Township (in the State of Hidalgo). It has 11466
inhabitants. Zimapán is at 1780 meters altitude

the City of Hidalgo State Zimapán Mexico and is in the
GPS coordinates:

Longitude (dec): -99.381944

Latitude (dec): 20.736944

The town is at a medium altitude of 1780 meters above
sea ​​level

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