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petatlan guerrero

petatlan guerrero

The word derives from the words Petatlán Petatlan Nahua-tlan-foo and togethermeaning "beside the mat."

Petatlán Township is located 94 meters above sea level, west of Chilpancingo. Part of the Costa Grande region, located at coordinates 17 ° 18 'and 17 ° 57' north latitude and between 100 ° 101 ° 30 '53'y west, respect to the Greenwich meridian.It borders the following municipalities: North Coyuca de Catalan, on the south by the Pacific Ocean on the east by Tecpan de Galeana and west by Lieutenant JoséAzueta.

Petatlan is 43 km (27 miles) northeast of Papanoa in the State of Guerrero through the same road in Mexico.

In many parts of Guerrero, nature and culture go hand in hand, so the scenes ofincredible beauty rise buildings of great historical, architectural or even some that have been issued by the legend that they own, it the case of the Church of JesusPetatlán Father, whose sculpture of Christ is there, appeared in strange conditions,so now what is considered quite miraculous.

This church is located in the center of the city of Petatlan, where you can enjoy thetraditional square, the Casa de la Cultura and the construction of H. Town Hall.Walking through its streets you will find the gold market paper, where prices are also a miracle, becausepetatlan in Guerrero, Mexico artisans such as selling their products which, incidentally, are of excellent quality.

At the time of the meal, enjoy the gastronomic delights of the population or on Calvary renowned for its beauty and what can Teast there, like the lamb tamales in banana leaves, and other delicious dishes seasoned with the salt obtained naturally from the salt mines.

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