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tlaltizapan, morelos

tlaltizapan, morelos

Tlaltizapán means "white on earth" as its etymological roots of Tlale-tli, "land", chalk-tl, "white" and bread "or above", as indeed the population was founded on a hill white earth and whose hieroglyph exact idea of ​​this feature.

Tlaltizapán was one of the bastions of General Emiliano Zapata, established his headquarters here, in what was a rice mill, now converted into the Museum ofEx-barracks Emiliano Zapata, here are documents and objects related to the Zapatista revolution, among the clothes they wore at the time of Zapata's death.

In Tlaltizapán Dominicans founded the convent of San Miguel, in the year 1548, it has crenellated walls, a small atrium and the convent is attached to the north side of the temple has two floors.

During the time of the revolution, Emiliano Zapata had built a mausoleum in thecourtyard of the Convent of San Miguel antoguo because he was a devotee of Padre Jesus, there are buried some of the generals who fought in the revolution.

Celebrate San Miguel on 29 September, the town's patron saint.

The carnival takes place Tlaltizapán five days before Ash Wednesday.

Historic Monuments of Tlaltizapán are the different farms and churches, and theformer convent of San Miguel Archangel.

In this town, is a monastery made ​​up of a court of regular dimensions, with accessfrom the north and south.
Facing the front of the temple is the mausoleum of the Zapatistas important. InTlaztizapán museum also houses the headquarters of General Emiliano Zapata,in this place was hanged Otilio Montaño

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