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basaltic prisms, tula hidalgo

An hour and a half from the city of Mexico we can find one of the most beautiful geological phenomena in nature, it is the basalt prisms found in Santa Maria Regla in the state of Hidalgo. Basalt columns of 40 m in height approx. see if a stream flowing from the water as if will be a giant fountain.
Adding to the spectacle of basaltic prisms, the area is equipped with a good tourist infrastructure, so you'll have the facilities to spend a very pleasant visit, such as restaurants, bars, camping, boating, horseback riding and sale of handicrafts.

The entrance fee is really symbolic, Children $ 15 x ($ 1.4 usd) and $ 25 adults ($ 2.3 usd). And get a breeze from Mexico City
santa maria basalt mapaprismas rule:

 http://maps.google.com.mx/maps?f=q&source=s_q&hl=es&geocode=&q=prismas hidalgo & sll = 23.644524, -102.568359 & sspn = 40.97125,79.013672 & , ie = UTF8 & hq = & hnear = basalt prisms Hidalgo & ll = 20.418004, -98.723145 & spn = 0.666668,1.234589 & t = h & z = 10 & iwloc = B

Huasca basaltic prisms are definitely a natural wonder, consisting of the formation of large geometric columns gauges in the sides and bottom of the canyon or ravine known to Alcholoya, where water is discharged from the springs of Ex-hacienda de San Miguel Regla and San Antonio dam forming several waterfalls that seem to frolic with Prismatic basalt forming a slight breeze to touch becomes a magical experience of authentic and direct contact with nature.
The giant columns of more than 40 m. geometric height of singular beauty, unique in the world, better known as basalt prisms or prismatic basalt derived from igneous rock outcrop.
The origin of these formations, dating back to the rapid cooling of lava during a spill over millions of years, which was poured at the bottom of the canyon.
Each column is between 80 cm. in diameter and several meters high, accommodated in a vertical, five or six faces, clearly defined joints between them, highlighting the gray to black color of these monuments geometry.

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