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Toluca is a Mexican city, capital of Mexico, located in the Midwest.

Toluca is a Mexican city, capital of Mexico, located in the Midwest.

The Municipality of Toluca has a population of 819,561 inhabitants distributed in 99 locations and forms part of the metropolitan area of ​​Toluca Valley, with an estimated population in 2010 of 1,846,602 inhabitants [citation needed], making it the fifth important in Mexico only after the metropolitan areas of Mexico City, Guadalajara, Monterrey and Puebla.

It is connected to a few 66 km away to the east by modern roads in the Valley of Mexico, consisting of the Federal District and its metropolitan area or conurbation, which is the main resort town in the country.

Toluca is located at 2680 m (the highest city in Mexico), making it warm all year round with average temperatures ranging from 2 to 23 ° C in summer and -5 to 13 ° C in winter. Its climate is temperate subhumid with summer rains. Its altitude favors the practice of high performance sport.

The city of Toluca is located in central Mexico, and consequently in the northern hemisphere, 19 ° 17 '29 "north latitude and 99 ° 39'38" west longitude. Its territory extends over the so-called Valley of Toluca, a huge plateau surrounded by volcanic mountains. The height above sea level is 2 000 650 meters, making it ranks among the highest cities in the Americas.

Its geographical nature, particularly its altitude and location on the globe, have given weather conditions, which in turn result in a very distinctive flora and fauna.

Historically, it is certain that in recent years Toluca has suffered one of its most radical transformations, because they have carried out works that the updated offering better public services, streamlining its road traffic, and especially, helping to solve serious ecological problems.

Toluca is one of the municipalities in Mexico State, Mexico. It is located at 18 ° 59'2''to 27'9''19 º north latitude and 99 º 31'43''to 99 º 46'58''west longitude of the entity, has an altitude of 2.600 meters above the meters above sea sea level. You can get a picture of Toluca in satellite map using Google Maps.

Its boundaries are Temoaya and Otzolotepec north, Villa Guerrero, Coatepec Flour, Calimaya Tenango Valley and south San Mateo Atenco Lerma and the east and west Zinacantepecal.

Its land area is 420.14 square kilometers. For its part, the topography of Toluca volcano is counted as being formed by Xinantécatl or Nevado de Toluca.

The major rivers passing through Toluca and Lerma are Tecaxic, there are also smaller tributaries like.

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