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Macuiltepec ecological park

parque ecologico macuiltepec

Macuiltepec ecological park

The Eco Park is located Macuiltepec in Xalapa, Veracruz, is one of the attractions of Mexico visited by Mexican and foreign tourists, its creation was the mission of preserving and promoting natural forest resources.
Macuiltepec Ecological Park has lush vegetation, beautiful trails and mysterious caves to be covered by thousands of tourists.

Macuiltepetl Ecological Park is an emblem of the city of Xalapa, as it is in the highest part of the city, nearly 1,600 meters above sea level.

Geographically located in the Neovolcanic Transversal cross into Mexico for its narrowest part. It is part of a volcanic cone that became extinct 30,000 years ago and consists of 31 hectares, mostly covered in a biodiversity characteristic of cloud forest.

Macuiltepetl Macuiltepec or Mackuiltépec or is the name of a volcano and the ecological park, located in the center of the city of Xalapa, Mexico.
Protected Natural Area, space for sports, recreation, environmental remains of a volcano that lived 30,000 years ago, pre-Hispanic roots and a place to nest birds of prey, reptiles and ancient heroes agrarians are part of the intangible assets that now constitute the park Macuiltepetl green.

In the space of about 32 acres, located at an altitude of 1 000 570 m, one can still see the cloud forest native vegetation such as sweetgum trees, cedar, beech, ash, citrus, and shrubs such as blackberry.

Also, ringtails, about 100 species of birds, among which are birds of prey, hummingbirds, hawks screaming, squirrels, false coral snakes, lizards, 15 or 20 species of amphibians and countless insects.
Even mentions the park director, at the foot of the stairs overlooking the Museum of Wildlife, one of the most visited, there is a stingless bee colony known as Melipona, which are those that produce wax and honey Campeche medicinal properties.

Importantly, the hill has a volcanic origin, is a small volcano that formed 30,000 years ago, when there was activity in the area and presumably the crater we visited the main stack where there was volcanic activity.

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