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El Salto de Eyipantla is a beautiful waterfall located in the Rio Grande de Catemaco,

salto de eyipantla, veracruz

El Salto de Eyipantla is a beautiful waterfall located in the Rio Grande de Catemaco, which forms a curtain jump forty feet wide and fifty feet high.

The salto eyipantla in pre-Hispanic times Eyipantla UHN had special significance as it was a sort of emblem of the paradise of Tlaloc or Lord of Rains. Until its crystal waters came maidens, priests and chiefs to receive the blessing of the god Tlaloc, 2000 BC.

It is the spectacular waterfall most imposing of the Tuxtlas, is surrounded by lush vegetation where you can admire the mangroves, Encinal, sheets, among others, highlighting the wildlife is abundant wild boar, deer, rabbit, opossum and ocelot , among a variety of birds are the eagle, pheasant pigeon and all kinds of songbirds.

The site is full of beautiful places, it is one of the places where nature has overflowed its virtues formed a beautiful frame to the village of Comoapan, located in its vicinity, which has a small population even today is face of a colonial village with houses covered with red tile roofs, large estates and great warm weather makes this site one of the most spectacular places in Veracruz.

Comoapan part of the path leading to the waterfall, through the narrow pass which is then converted into a huge concrete staircase containing 240 steps that were built in 1973, which allows easier access to the waterfall.

In the surroundings you will find great variety of trees and palm trees framed by a stunning brush that stands in the distance.

salto Eyipantla is the name of a waterfall in the municipality of San Andres Tuxtla, Veracruz, Mexico.

The salto eyipantla is 40 meters wide and 50 tall, making it the largest waterfall in the region. The waterfall is fed by the Rio Grande de Catemaco and empties into the Laguna de Catemaco.

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