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uruapan , michoacán, is famous for its mild climate

It is 102 kilometers from Morelia and is the second largest city in Michoacán. Its name comes from the Purépecha word Uruapani which means "the flowering and fruiting of a plant at the same time," which has been translated as "place where everything flourishes." It has been described as "Avocado Capital of the World" even more deserved the title is "the cradle of Maque" for the production of trays, cups, masks, boxes and other wooden objects, artistically decorated with this technique. Made designs reveal the unique expertise and artistic sensitivity of the artisans uruapenses neighborhoods.

Uruapan is famous for its mild climate, lush vegetation and the large annual production of export-quality avocado, which is why it is also known as "Avocado Capital of the World." It also considers the point between the hot and Purhépecha plateau. Its official name is Uruapan del Progreso, although it is common to refer to it as well.


Eduardo Ruiz National Park
One of the most beautiful nature walks in the country. It owes its name to the famous historian, who wrote with love local legends. It's all a show at one of the most generous and productive state.

La Rodilla del Diablo, the birth of the Rio Cupatitzio; Tzetzángari, which means pretty girl waterfall that reflects the park's vegetation and blue bathroom, where channels of transparent liquid water the gardens of this prosperous region, form the landscape, this and future, of Michoacan who has found his own way.

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