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Tenango Valley The name comes from Teotenanco Tenango or Teutenanco,

Tenango Valley

The name comes from Teotenanco Tenango or Teutenanco, the Aztecs during the colonial period or Teutenango Teotenango called it, after the sixteenth century it begins to draw only Tenango. The word is of Nahuatl origin. His radical Teotl, which means "god, sacred, divine," and Tenamitl, "wall, fence, barricade" and the suffix co, "in," according to Orozco y Berra have been interpreted as "the god in the wall o divine walls "as well as in the sacred enclosure," writes Remi Simeon Garcia Payon ice is "walled Shrine" Romero Quiroz describes "On the walls where the gods" and Piña Chan, one of the last scholars of the archaeological zone, interpreted as "true in the wall."
Teotenango glyph is found in several manuscripts, one of which is the Codex Mendocino, it is given in two variants: In the Book of Taxes and the Cordillera Peoples. Is represented by the sun, a symbol of Teotl, on or over it a crenellated wall, Tenamitl.

Historical Review
The main inhabitants of the region were the matlatzincas. According to Chan Pina, Teotenango was founded in the eighth century. The population center was constructed to the north and south of the hill, making it a military dominion. Apparently it was a civic-religious center, where mainly venerated Quetzalcoatl, who was considered the lord of Nahui-Ollin, or Fifth Sun succumbed to wars of domination by the valiant Mexican Axayácatl, who conquered almost the entire valley Matlatzinca.
The conquest of Teotenango should be by Andres de Tapia, who fought against the Malinalco or by Gonzalo de Sandoval today who came to the Rio Lerma. However, the ratio Teutenango, 1582, Francisco de Ávila awarded to Martin Dorantes, the conquest of Teotenango.

The first step of the conquerors was to change the place of settlement, the hill of Tetépetl the valley, the second was to establish the parcels. Teotenango was entrusted to Juan de Burgos and Diego Rodriguez, half to each. Atlatlahucan with Xochiaca were entrusted to Hernando de Jerez, in both Zepayautla Zictepec and were part of the parcel of Tacuba.1 /
When there was a private estate parcels Corregimientos the Crown established. So was Teotenanco Atlatlahucan township in 1535 and in 1537. "The townships were designed to address local environmental justice issues among indigenous people and the trustees," the greatest city halls were to "deliver justice in matters having to do with the Spanish population that lived in India." 2 /
The creation of the Mayor of Malinalco (1550), the village of Atlatlahucan it was limited, but in 1580, Tenancingo became the seat of the Mayor 3 / and Atlatlahucan of Teotenanco passed, which included Tlalachco and Huitzitzilapa. He was also head of the judicial district of the same name.
Evangelism should correspond to the Franciscans in the beginning, then was the regular clergy who are commissioned to administer the spiritual goods of the Catholic faith.
In the period of the War of Independence, the town was the scene of fighting the rebel army commanded by General Joaquín Canseco, José María Oviedo, and Vicente Vargas Felipe Nubi, who harassed the Porlier general of the royalist army in 1811. Ignacio Lopez Rayon Tenango Hill made the strategic camp.
With the creation of the Free and Sovereign State of Mexico in 1824, de facto Tenango Valley was among the first municipalities. On February 4, 1847, was given the category of Villa. In 1861, the header was added to the Arista surname in honor of Mariano Arista, President of Mexico from 1851 to 1853. For services to the independence cause the local Congress enacted the adjective heroic to the town of Tenango Arista on 19 October 1868.
At the end of the century the railroad reached by train and also the telegraph.
The Revolution in Tenango was contrary to the interests of a few, who handled the views, money and power. However, the desire for land Zapata attracted sympathy in the communities of the municipality. In 1912, at the head are arranged to repel the Zapatistas who caused damage to property. In 1913, residents of Zictepec join Zapatistas who promise them restore their land.
Population growth throughout the century physiognomic change imposed on the quiet Heroic Tenango Villa de Arista. Schools were built, more houses on the edge of town, the industry had an industrial park, improved means of communication: the train disappeared when they built the road to Ixtapan de la Sal In 1994 he was elevated to the status of city.

san pedro tlanixco

the town of San Pedro Tlanixco is located in the town of Tenango Valley (State of Mexico). It has 4825 inhabitants.

Tenango Valley View a larger map
San Pedro Tlanixco is 2810 meters above sea level

Tlanixco bus to San Pedro in the State. Mex. out of D.f?
well let me know how to get to San Pedro tlanixco in Edo Mex
 df when I leave the bus or wherever??

Tomas observatory in a bus terminal haciaTenango Valley, when you reach the first street Tenango is called gentleman walk three blocks to the bone-way street to the west and a corner are a few vans that go to San Pedro Tlanixco . Travel back Tlanixco recommend you eat tenango market at the top in a kitchen that is called the bell the owner knows the story well tenango called Don Elias.
What to Do tlanixco?
san pedro tlanixco is known for its rain forest surrounded by mountains is a place to stay in touch with nature for a walk in the rainforest to visit the waterfall, some locals can rent rooms for the night if you wish, there temazcal also in the area, which for the uninitiated is a prehispanic steam bath accompanied by a ritual healing with herbs .... is entering a "iglu" muddy or vault where the heat is concentrated in vapor form ... in the middle is a hole where you place the stones previously heated at high temperatures ... then to put water spills on them and creates steam, accompanied by herbs, aroáticas, healing and purifying, then the guide or shaman or as you call it a cermonia where you reconnect with nature ... some people in this area using healing or hallucinogenic mushrooms in their rituals and customs mode ... healthy fun! a s images, the waterfall and the forest!

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