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XILITLA: Surrealism become a garden; means "place of snails,

XILITLA: Surrealism become a garden; means "place of snails, is a coffee town located in the Sierra Madre Occidental mountain valley surrounded by.

A magical place of dreams that is located 350 km from Mexico City, founded by a group of Augustinian missionaries heading to the sixteenth century.
This place is surrounded by the most impressive waterfalls, high mountains and extensive vegetation that make this area a true paradise to admire the great variety of flora and fauna in the region.
After years of hiding this beautiful place, stopped an Englishman named Edward James who captivated by this place decided to buy several acres of an area known as Las Pozas, and later built around a garden of exotic orchids, but one day a frost Xilitla fell and ended up with plants giving way to the construction of a series of structures surreal figment of imagination of the English.

Within these buildings stand Gothic, and Egyptian, Edwar dreamlike features used during the construction of windows, corridors, stairs, doors, buildings, etc..
This set of concrete structures located between vegetation manage to make Xilitla Las Pozas in a stunning setting where visitors can imagine Edward like his many fantasies.
 coffee is a village nestled in the Sierra Madre Oriental in the higher parts of the Huasteca, due to its location is also harvested coffee beans are also grown citrus.

Among the most interesting attractions Xilitla are: the surreal garden of Edward James, the waterfall The Comales, the Saltpeter Cave, the former convent of the Augustinians (now restored) and James Edward Museum located next to what was the house Plutarco Gastelum in the town itself which became an inn called The Castle. This museum has many personal items as well as photographs of James this character.
Xilitla word comes from Nahuatl and means "place of snails and the highest geographical point is" The Saddle "as a hill shaped like a saddle.

In this picturesque village in the middle of last century an English name Edward James started the construction of your dreams on this site: a surrealist garden in the middle of the forest vegetation of Xilitla.
To visit the garden surrealist recommend hiring the services of a guide for tourists who can explain the structures that cross the site as well as the history of its creator as this concrete maze contains unique stories.

From Ciudad Valles is organizing guided tours to this appeal and on the same day you visit the Cellar of the buses to see the spectacle of the swallows coming into this deep abyss.

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