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san andres duraznal in the state of chiapas

San andrés Duraznal, Chiapas


Located in the northern mountains, so that its terrain is hilly, its geographical coordinates are 17 ° 07'N 92 ° 47'W and.

San Andres Duraznal is located in the state of Chiapas, in the Northern Mountains.According to the geographical position it has in the map of Mexico, the geographic coordinates among which are located west logitud 92 ° 47 'north latitude and between 17 ° 07'. The extension of the municipality of San Andrés Duraznal is of 29.9 square kilometers. It lies at an average altitude of 1,580 meters above sea level

Municipality of San Andres Duraznal (in the State of Chiapas). It has 1824inhabitants. San Andres Duraznal is at 1580 meters altitude.

Siempre Verde, Pueblo Nuevo, Solistahuacan,Chiapas

Carretera a piChuCalCo

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La comunidad

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