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Salsipuedes northern california

Salsipuedes northern california

Latitude. 31.9666667 °, Longitude. -116.7833333 °

In the 1960's, after the opening of Tijuana to Ensenada for the scenic coastal highway, visitors began to notice a sign announcing the highway "Salsipuedes 3 km(1.8 miles) since its release. Spanish-speaking Americans were curious at the as itsname translates as "leave if you can."For those who do not speak Spanish was one of those names with a lot of cards.

Passing the highway sign Salsipuedes, frequent visitors start looking forward to the spectacular view that is about to experience. First time visitors are not prepared forthe beauty of the land and stunning views of carved coastal reefs, islands and blue waters of the Pacific Ocean. For those who visited South Grand Central California in the early 1950 or before, there is an overwhelming sense of déjà vu

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