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Xcaret Eco Theme Park is located on the Riviera Maya,

Xcaret Eco Theme Park is located on the Riviera Maya, 5 km south of Playa del Carmen and 75 km south of Cancun in Quintana Roo state, Mexico. To the Maya this site was an important port and commercial center, which they called Polé and which still can appreciate their archaeological remains.

Since its founding in 1990, due to its exceptional natural environment, Xcaret has developed several programs for the conservation and reproduction of flora and fauna typical of the Mexican southeast, such as sea turtles, manatees, spider monkeys, deer, etc. . Among its facilities is the first butterfly in Mexico and the Coral Reef Aquarium, one of the few places in the world where you can see reef structures in their natural habitat.

Theme park, Xcaret is characterized by displaying the natural and cultural representative of Mexico. Besides you can do various water sports in cenotes, underground rivers, lagoons and beaches can be admired traditions of the Maya people and pictures of Mexican folklore.

Talking at Xcaret is talk of a paradise. Here wisely combine natural beauty, rich culture and traditions. Xcaret is an experience of life that deserves to be discovered little by little, without haste. This beautiful place is built on the ancient Mayan port Polé, dramatically framed by the turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea and lush tropical jungle. Xcaret was created to promote the enjoyment of visitors to respect mother earth and the cultural heritage of the Maya world, fostered the love for the environment through knowledge and harmony, so

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