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xel-ha , one of the most beautiful ecological parks

one of the most beautiful ecological parks in Cancun that combines the lush flora and amazing fauna of the jungle of the Riviera Maya, fresh water cenotes, caves and splendor of the Caribbean turquoise blue sea. The Xel-Ha is considered the natural wonders of Mexico, which offers land and water activities, natural and ecological attractions, cultural tours, world class restaurants, underground rivers and a creek of calm waters where you can swim. All this is available in the park Xel-Ha, Mexico, making it one of the most beautiful water park in Cancun, with entertaining attractions for the whole family, surrounded by beautiful white sandy beaches and lush vegetation.
Xel-Ha is an ecological park located in the state of Quintana Roo, Mexico. It is characterized by a large creek in which water from a river meets the Caribbean Sea, forming the ideal place for the coexistence of 70 species of marine and fresh water. It is for this reason that Xel-Ha is known as the largest natural aquarium in the world.Also, as the space of several specimens of flora and fauna of the region, was awarded the title Xel-Ha Mexico's Natural Wonder in a recent national call. Hel-Xa is the second largest coral reef in the world and the largest aquarium.
In the archaeological site can be seen buildings and monuments, as well as a road or sacbé of 540 meters. Many of the remains appear to correspond to a ceremonial and religious use. Is classified into groups by virtue of their geographical proximity: the group of birds, which are preserved frescoes on the walls representing the various birds of the region, the Jaguar group, referring to the descending figure of a feline (next a beautiful cenote, of great importance for the life of the region) and the spring group, near the creek, where the buildings appear to be related to maritime activity in the area.
Legend has it that the Mayan gods combined their wisdom, their illusions and their love of beauty, to create a place to gather the best of the Caribbean nature in one place. The ancient Mayans named this wonderful site with the name of Xel-Ha "place where water is born."
Xel-Ha has spent years as a tourist destination established, successful company and custodian of one of the most beautiful corners of the Mexican Caribbean.

Has activities for everyone. From a pool for very young children to hiking diving, swimming with dolphins and snorkeling tours by river.

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