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Cenote Dzitnup or Xkeken

Cenote Dzitnup or Xkeken
Address is reached by the Merida-Valladolid road number 180, three miles beforereaching Valladolid
Hours Open from 7:00 to 17:00.
The Maya believed that the natural wells, including X'keken Yucatan cenote, leadingto the underworld.
Something that one can not help admiring the Yucatan peninsula, our southernMexico, cenotes are amazing and there is a huge variety, we talk about 7 to 8000existing open each other underground in a cave and this that which I have visited isthe most spectacular in its size and beauty.

His name also X'keken or Dzitnup. Located near Chichen-Itza, one enters the insideby a staircase and you can spend wonderful hours either swimming in crystal watersor just admire.

A walk through these fantastic places where the marketing of tourism is putting asidethe nature and resulting in major hotels and shopping centers (Can-cun

Cenotes are unique formations in the world, as well as being the primary source forobtaining fresh water in the jungle, they were sacred places for the Maya, representing the entrance to the spiritual underworld.

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