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Rincon De Romos Aguascalientes is a place that is located on the north-central state of Aguascalientes

Rincon De Romos Aguascalientes

is a place that is located on the north-central state of Aguascalientes,Aguascalientes, Mexico, named so because Don Rogelio Padilla to discover thatDon Rincon de Romos lay there so decided to call, known for its great feasts and celebrations, in addition to their heels guts. Its coordinates are 102 ° 19 'west longitude and 22 ° 14' north latitude, with a height of 1940 meters above sea level. It limits the north with the municipality of Cosio, south to Pavilion Arteaga, on the eastand west with Tepezalá San José de Gracia. It is divided into 64 localities, of whichthe most important are the Capital City: Corner of Blunt, the town of Pavilion Hill, Paul Stairs, San Jacinto and El Bajio. It has an area of 372.93 square kilometers, accounting for 6.70% of state territory. It is part of the province of the Sierra Madre Occidental, presenting features of topography and hilly areas, located to thesoutheast and northwest of the town, and part of the province of the Central Plateausemi-flat zones are located in the center and northeast of the municipality, and flat areas at the center and west between the Sierra and the Sierra Cold Loreto.

It is located 39 kilometers from Aguascalientes, on the Panamerican highway. The history of the municipality dates from 1639, when it authorized the creation of the village for a long time was known by the name of Chora.
In 1658, Diego Romo de Vivar bought the entail of the Hacienda de Rincon, PedroRincon de Arteaga. That business deal brought the combination of both surnames,changing the name of Chora by Rincon de Romos. It is not until 1915 that acquires the status of county seat. Romos Corner is an industrial, agricultural and livestockfavored with lands irrigated by the dam system that feeds the streets

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