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the town of Cosio is located in the municipality of Cosio

Cosio Aguascalientes

the town of Cosio is located in the municipality of Cosio (in the State of Aguascalientes). It has 4609 inhabitants. Cosio is at 2000 meters altitude.

Much of Cosio belonged to the Hacienda de San Jacinto, for now the town of Rincon de Romos, these lands belonged to the Spanish Pius Bermejillo. The lessee of the property, Mr. Cornelio Acosta asked for permission to build this place and received permission to found the town of Custard, same as the December 28, 1857 took the name of Cosio Cosio in honor of Philip, who ruled the State .

It has several historic attractions such as monuments to Benito Juarez, Venustiano Carranza and Catarino Rubalcava. Notable among its architecture the temple dedicated to the Virgin of Guadalupe, the property of custard, which is a colonial style and the hull of the hacienda of La Punta.

Cosio is located north of the state of Aguascalientes, Mexico, at coordinates 102 ° 18 'west longitude and 22 ° 22' north latitude, at an altitude of 2,000 meters above sea level. Its northern border state of Zacatecas to the south with the municipality of Rincon de Romos, and both the east and the west by the state of Zacatecas and the town of Rincon de Romos. It is divided into 39 localities, of which the most important is the county seat. Cosio has an area of ​​128.90 square kilometers, accounting for 2.31% of state territory. Cosio is located in the southwestern part which belongs to the province of the Sierra Madre Occidental mountain area, the rest of the province of the Central Committee, which has semi-flat area and is located in the center and the flat is located east and southeast of the town.

The town generally has a temperate climate with warm summer steppe, an average annual temperature of 15 ° C, recorded the highest between the months of May to August and the lowest from December, January and February. The annual average rainfall is 515 millimeters. Frost year are 20 to 40 days. Trade winds The prevailing winds are northeast-southwest direction during the summer and into the fall

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Templo de Cosío

Route vers Zacatecas

Antena de Transmisiones

catorena, ZACATECAS

Rancho La Punta

San Pedro Piedra Gorda, Genaro Codina, ZAC, Mexico

CSR San Jacinto

Rancho La Luz

Appoaching the state line of Zacatecas, Mexico

Presa de la Tinaja

La Presita en Rancho La Luz

Plaza de Cosío


en el lienso charro en san pedro piedra gorda zacatecas

San Pedro Piedra Gorda, Genaro Codina, ZAC, Mexico

LUIS MOYA entronque carr. a aguascalientes y a rincon de romos



El Ahuehuete

Calle principal de La Punta

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