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Tancama Archaeological Zone was recently opened to the public by INAH,

tancama, sierra gorda querétaro

Tancama Archaeological Zone was recently opened to the public by INAH, is the first pre-Hispanic site huasteca affiliation that opens in Queretaro

*** In all, during the winter solstice, the sun aligns with the top of Cerro Alto, which is an artificial mountain created between 500 and 750 AD

Located in the heart of the Sierra Gorda of Querétaro, Tancama Archaeological Zone was recently opened to the public by the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH) is a site where, in the winter solstice, the Sun aligns with the top of Cerro Alto, an artificial hill was created in pre-Hispanic times to emulate a nearby mountain.

Located just 15 minutes from the township of Jalpan, this site represents the first pre-Hispanic descent that opens Huasteca in that state of the Bajio region.

Tancama Huasteca language, which means "Hill of Fire" or "place of flint" - is the sixth archaeological site which opens in the country during the current administration, ready for visitors to see the monumental area of ​​the site is key to understanding the configuration of the Sierra Gorda in pre-Columbian times.

"The archaeological site is located at the foot of a slope, opposite the Cerro Tancama, and eventually controlled the valley of the same name. In the western part of the settlement is possibly the residential area, where he subsequently held for further study exploration of the site, "said the archaeologist.

During excavations in Tancama were discovered about 50 burials, being in the 2010 season when 34 burials were found for the remains of 26 individuals, mostly adults, but it included the presence of infants.

The tour of this new archaeological site spans two of the places called Mirador and James, are distributed in both buildings such as the Copper Butterfly (the highest place with 7.5 meters) of the Dead, the Culebra blue, Cripple, the stingray spines of Huasteco, the hooks, the Alley and the obsidian knife.

These constructs were made before 500 AD, during the height of Tancama in the Middle Classic (500 and 750 AD), the names of each building are due to the objects found during excavations made in the same, or to specific architectural features.

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