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Ahuacuotzingo is one of the 81 municipalities of the Mexican state of Guerrero,


Ahuacuotzingo is one of the 81 municipalities of the Mexican state of Guerrero, is located in the central-east of the territory and its head is the people ofAhuacuotzingo. It is located approximately 60 km east of Chilpancingo. Its land areais 388.4 km ² and the population is mainly engaged in primary sector. Formerlyknown as Buenos Aires.

Location Ahuacuotzingo

Ahuacuotzingo Municipality is located in the state of Guerrero, Mexico
Population Ahuacuotzingo

The municipality's total population is 23,026 people Ahuacuotzingo,

Ahuacuotzingo The word derives from the Nahuatl words: water-evo-yellow oak, alsodiminutive and the locative co, which together would be "in the yellow oak" or "In the small oaks."

Some authors recount that before calling it by that name, its people knew him as "Buenos Aires".

There are various theories about the foundation of the municipality, which include the legend mentioned by the historian Basauri, which tells how the ancestors of thepeoples tlapanecos, which included Ahuacuotzingo, arrived in the north, were four men and one Zoque-group women mixeano Oaxaca state and settled in Tlapa, aftermultiplied and founded three communities.

Some authors assume that they were kindred tlapanecos with SiOx-hoxano, othersargue their linguistic kinship with Subtiaba, an indigenous group in Nicaragua.

It is said that during the thirteenth century, northern Ahuacuotzingo was inhabited by the tuxtecas, Mixtec Nahua tradition, the proof is showing tlapanecos codicescultural fusion.

In the year 1299 founded the tlapanecos Olinalá, a confederation of nations that quickly spread to eastern Ahuacuotzingo.

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Vista de Ahuacuotzingo desde la Lovera

Parroquia de San Antonio

El Encanto

Cañon de Tecol

la escuela nueva

que vista de xocoyolzintla guerrero desde lo mas alto

xocoyolzintla guerrero

carretera ahuacuotzingo pochutla

Flor De Mayo

Barranca de Yupitepec.

Panorámica de Ahuacuotzingo

vista parcial de ahuacuotzingo


el camello

Peña "El Encanto" Ahuacuotzingo, Gro.


carretera ahuacuotzingo pochutla


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