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mine eden, zacatecas

mine eden, zacatecas

Mine of Eden: Great place open to the public since 1975.

It is located 320 feet below the hill El Grillo and operated from 1585 until 1960. Has a temperature of 12 degrees and has bridges, train access, stairs, balconies, performances of mining, myths and legends, special lighting and a nightclub called "The Winch", which is considered unique in its gender.

To reach the club is through a tunnel of 600 m. by Adit "La Esperanza", for whichaddresses a small train whose destination is the heart of this mine.

With 30 years old, in the beginning this was coffee and restaurant space, but withthe wave of disco in the 70, "The Winch" with natural decor and accessories rockmining became an attraction for domestic tourism and abroad. The nightclub is open Thursday through Saturday with an entrance fee of $ 50.

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