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Zitlala Township is located north of the capital of the state

zitlala, guerrero

Zitlala Township is located north of the capital of the state between the parallels 17 ° 41 'and 17 ° 54' north latitude and between 99 ° 12 'west longitude, about the meridian of Greenwich, at a height of 1.645 meters above sea level and is a member of the municipalities comprising the central region of the state. Bordered on the north and Copalillo Huitzuco, south to Chilapa, on the east and west Ahuacuotzingo Martyr Cuilapan and Tixtla.


It has a land area of ​​308.20 square kilometers, accounting for 0.48 percent of the total area of ​​the state.

Zitlala Nahuatl is a charming town settled in the mountains of the Sierra Madre South in the state of Guerrero, Mexico. In addition to hold tourist mecca of Acapulco, Guerrero state is also home to one of the most frequented universities - Chilpancingo or "Chilpa" for short - and a great diversity of indigenous communities.

Zitlala The word derives from the Nahuatl word Citlala, which means "Place of Stars". The main attraction Zitlala is the monochrome monolith various Olmec glyphs located at a place called Texayacaixpan, and is best known as Thessala. There is also the rise to Zitlaltepec, a pyramid-shaped hill that is located in the northern part of town. During the month of May is traditionally the Zitlaltecos come up with offerings to ask for the arrival of rain.

The traditional meals you can enjoy Zitlala are: bread that are made for Teponaxtli chains during the feast of the Patron Saint, beans and cooking tamales are made with corn ash instead of lime and ground with salt and butter, wrapped in palm leaves or cornfield accompanied by a clear refreshing drink ... the mezcal.

One of the characteristics of Zitlala is that many of their traditions reflect the characteristics of a society composed of an alliance of three distinct groups in a village made up of three neighborhoods, Santa Monica, San Francisco and San Mateo Zitlala each with its own chapel and its own saints.

Ritual 'demand for rain "in the community of Zitlala the Mexican state of Guerrero, on the part of the 4 men neighborhoods that make up the indigenous population of the low mountains of the state, face a ritual way to offer their shock value pain, forces of nature and thereby obtain a good rainy season for the agricultural cycle, which begins in those days.
To do this they are wearing masks representing heads of jaguar, sacred animal to represent the dual vision of nature.

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