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first centenary of the Meteorological Observatory of La Bufa Zacatecas

observatorio zacatecas

 first centenary of the Meteorological Observatory of La Bufa Zacatecas, published by the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources (SEMARNAT) and the National Water Commission (Conagua), is a testament to just a space with scientific activities, "which joins the temples select group of scientists who for more than a century have seen the sky and the atmosphere, "noted in the presentation.

Such temples, adds, "have looked beyond the clouds, trying to get an age-old desire of man: to know the morning (...) The Observatory has been a fundamental pillar of meteorological observation in Zacatecas and has made important contributions to knowledge national meteorological and scientific. "

Zacatecans seen from different points of the compass rose the said building. In his trip, the locals are watching from the historic Cathedral, where the figures of the apostles without hands.

A visit to Kufa or Francisco Villa Museum is not without an approach to the Observatory. Around him are shrubs, vegetation that stand in the small flowers.Hidden among these plants, some rodents fleeing or leaving prey to curiosity. Some rats are indeed great.

Located in the heart of the country, Zacatecas is one of those states that uniquely reflects all the traditions and history of Mexico. A lack of beaches, offers the charm of a cultural journey through time in which the visitor can be seen soon in a seventeenth century convent pass without preambles to the latest trends of contemporary art.
Streets are almost no room for a car, we are surprised at every turn in the solemn presence of peaks while stalls offer fruit cups or fruit juices along with balloon salesman or shop the finest silver design.
Zacatecas is for those who want to know the Mexico of today and yesterday at a pace that has nothing to do with the rush of the big cities or clashes with the waves of tourists. Here things are slowly relaxing.
No shortage of hotels and their prices are reasonable. From the stunning Quinta Real, built in what was for decades a bullring. The hotel is a true work of art itself as a center bearing the old arena, where to step on baldozas, you can almost hear the screams of enraged crowds or the lowing of the cattle ready for slaughter or attack.
Do not be fooled by the old building. The Quinta Real offers the same amenities of any hotel in the U.S. or Europe and a kitchen designed to meet the most demanding palates, including meeting rooms, business center, gym, pool, etc.. A visit to the hotel bar is like being in a Spanish CFI of those bars, built in caves.
It is mandatory to enjoy the funicular, a high ride that offers a wonderful view across the city, crossing the same through the air from one end to another.

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