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cutzamala de pinzón Guerrero

cutzamala de pinzón Guerrero

Cutzamala The word comes from the Nahuatl and translated into Spanish means"place of weasels" sometime Apatzingán inhabitants called it, a Purepecha wordthat has the same meaning.

Another version held by Antonio Penafiel in geographical nomenclature, sayscutzamallot word derived from Nahuatl origin rainbow.

Cutzamala de Pinzon (Nahuatl: cotzamálotl, the 'weasels, place', 'place of weasels")? is a Mexican population of the state of Guerrero, located in the Tierra Caliente region of the entity. It is the head of the homonymous municipality.

The population will cross the highway 134 which comes from the city of Toluca andon entry into the state of Guerrero, Cutzamala communicates with the port ofZihuatanejo, north-south orientation

In his extensive highlights huchepos cuisine, tamales made ​​with corn dough and served bathed in cream and salsa molcajete anger. On the other hand, there areToquero which is a corn tortilla served with cheese and salsa molcajete.

Location: Located in the northwest of the State of Guerrero to 325 meters abovesea level. This town is northwest and west to the State of Michoacan and the northeast and east is to the State of Mexico.

Cutzamala de Pinzon is located northwest of the capital of the state in the region ofTierra Caliente. It is 300 miles away on the road about Chilpancingo - all - Ciudad Altamirano - Toluca. It is located between parallels 18 ° 24 'and 18 ° 56' north latitude and 100 ° 28 'and 100 ° 48' west longitude, resp

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