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San Jose del pacífico , around the clouds,

the town of San Jose del Pacifico is located in the Municipality of San Mateo Rio Hondo (State of Oaxaca). It has 370 inhabitants. San Jose del Pacifico is at 2380 meters altitude.

Not only the name of this place is attractive: it is at a height above two thousand meters above sea level, surrounded by mountains, dampened by clouds, in the middle of a rainforest evergreen, large, unaffordable. It is located in Oaxaca, but it has nothing to do with beaches of the Pacific. Located halfway between Pochutla (seaside) and the City of Oaxaca, capital of approx 4hrs north of Pochutla or 4 Oaxaca heading south coast wing.

The common people are very friendly and you can also stay in their homes for a few bucks there are some small hotels and restaurants and a great place, highly recommended for eco-tourists and adventure travelers the clouds and mountains game will entertain a lot, great place without certainly advisable to enlarge it, too cold, see if you're on mushrooms wrapped only in rainy season there ...
healthy and have fun the forest do not get just that is very easy to get lost for a while .... luck, have fun and inceíble Gozen of this site respects the forest and try to leave it as it was when you came ....

Oaxaca gives this town a halo much more peculiar, since it is one of the most beautiful, richer, more varied in the Mexican Republic. Oaxaca, along with Chiapas, are probably the most picturesque sites of the country because of its natural wealth: Sierra (Oaxaca is the point where the two major mountain systems in the country), forests, villages and beaches. And for its rich cultural, culinary and social. This is one of the places with highest density of indigenous population, and one of the most varied: it live Zapotec, Mixtec, Mazatec, Chinanteco, Mixes, Amuzgos, Huaves, Triquis, Chatinos, Naughty, Chontales Tacuates, Ixcatecos , Cuicatecos, Zoques, Popolocas and Nahua. Not for nothing Oaxaca has been called the spiritual reserve of Mexico. Interestingly only in the sixties this state was virtually closed to tourism, was in the eclipse of 1968 where it opened the way for more of this area of Oaxaca today is without doubt one of the most interesting places in the country.

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