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The Llano is one of the municipalities in the state of Aguascalientes

El LLano aguascalientes

The Llano is one of the municipalities in the state of Aguascalientes latest creation.Its county seat is the town of Palo Alto.

It is located east of the state and the relief of this town is flat as its name indicates, being limited by hills to the east on the border with Jalisco state in western boundaryand the municipality of Aguascalientes, the Sierra de Tepezalá north and Cerro de los Gallos and south San Bartolo.

Fruits are grown, there are agricultural development, especially donkeys and sheep,the mining industry is now in decline.

By 2011 there were 19 242 inhabitants.

The municipality of El Llano is located 39 kilometers east of the city, and is divided approximately in 125 communities. The origin of the name of El Llano is due to itsstructure and geographic features that resemble a valley. It is the only region where there is a plain Aguascalientes. It was officially declared as a municipality onJanuary 30, 1992.

Currently, Palo Alto, its main headline, is the oldest building on a farm, whichbelonged like many others, Rincón Gallardo family. The hull of the property is on two floors, the construction system is based on adobe and stone quarry framing doors and windows.

The small church is located opposite the main house is a neoclassical style, and within it are buried in white granite tombs, the remains of Rodrigo Rincon Gallardo,rancher and former governor of Aguascalientes, along with his wife and children.

This municipality is located Cones, which are a set of silos that served during theheyday of the ranch, as structures to store what was harvested in the fields of the region.

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