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laguna de agua brava nayarit

laguna de agua brava nayarit

Located on the northwest coast of the Mexican Pacific and consists of an extensive complex of brackish coastal lagoons, mangrove swamps, bogs or swamps and creeks, includes the regions known as Las Cabras, Teacapán, Agua Brava, San Blas and National Wetlands . It is fed by seven rivers and streams such as rivers alternate Baluarte, Cañas, Acaponeta, San Pedro, Bejuco, Santiago and San Blas or Sauter. Located on the southern coast ofSinaloa and the northern coast of Nayarit. Press the Pacific Ocean through theBocas de Teacapán, Cuautla, The Colorado River deltas and Santiago and San Pedro.

In recent years there have been projects to preserve the site as is the common bond, Wetlands and Migratory Birds, which unites three American Networksites Hemispheric Shorebird Reserve (WHSRN) sites that host migratoryshorebirds National Wetlands are in Mexico, the Great Salt Lake in Utah (USA) and Chaplin and Quill Lakes in Saskatchewan, Canada. The completion of theInternational Festival of Migratory Birds of San Blas, which in 2007 was brother to the bird festivals of the Great Salt Lake and Chaplin Lake, selecting three toLimosa cinnamon (Fedo, Marbled Godwit) and commemorative bird .

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