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ciudad del carmen

ciudad del carmen

Founded in pre-Hispanic times, Ciudad del Carmen was originally a major center of trade between the Aztec and Mayan cultures. Later, during thesixteenth and eighteenth centuries, when the city of Campeche to become themain point of the commercial maritime trade between Spain and New Spain, Ciudad del Carmen was inhabited by pirates and used as a strategic territory for the repair of ships and planning attacks on Spanish galleons, as well as the nascent neighboring cities.

Ciudad del Carmen Vacation Mexicola attacks that occurred during the seventeenth century were sponsored by the European Kingdoms who wantedto destabilize the Spanish Crown and had a total duration of 160 years, forced the inhabitants of various cities of Campeche to build walls, forts , bastions and other reserves.

Today, the forts and bastions are still in good condition, is a delight to admirethe view, just to walk the narrow colonial streets of the cities hearty, largehouses with wrought iron windows, ornate studded gates and romanticbalconies transport the visitor to the times of colonial splendor, giving himportions of their history, besides being interesting, is full of shades of legends and great deeds.

sites to visit
Phoenix Ecoparque A 12 km from the city, enjoy the crocodile, the nurseryareas and camping tours.
Laguna de Términos declared natural protected area in June 1994. Place to enjoy walks along the rivers with abundant flora and fauna.
Guanal neighborhood were built in 1722 the first homes with a type of palm called Guano.
Museum of the City within the former Victorian hospital Nievez, officially openedfor the centenary celebrations of Independence

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