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Las NUBES , is one of the most successful ecotourism centers in Chiapas

las nubes chiapas

Las NUBES , is one of the most successful ecotourism centers in Chiapas and is a natural wonder located in the area of ​​the Lacandon Jungle, in the municipality of Wonder Tenejapa. At a distance of 120 kilometers (three hours) of Comitan and 50 km from Macaws, the Border Highway. This ecotourism center's main attraction is the mighty river that forms Santo Domingo various cascades of turquoise waters and in various sections provides strong currents, excellent for rafting. Upon arrival, the visitor is first with the impressive turquoise waters, derived from the dissolution of the lime rock of calcium carbonate, and the enormous amount of nutrients between algae and various microorganisms.

Santo Domingo River is one of the largest tributaries of the Jataté. Throughout its course forms several waterfalls, creating spectacular beauty of the Mexican southeast. One chronicler said about them "without a doubt, this is a wonderful site, and after seeing it once, its image is never erased from the mind." The river in a section of the journey decreases several times its normal width to pass through a narrow, then fell into a high waterfall, marvel able to leave any traveler. The area has a warm humid climate with abundant rains in summer.

Around Clouds can see an incredible landscape with steep slopes that make it impossible to use for agriculture and housing, but provide a setting of great beauty for visitors. There are several varieties of flowers, begonias, orchids bloom in May and giant trees characteristic of the rainforest. Similarly we find birds like the toucan, water ducks, herons and kingfishers, to name a few varieties.

The Centre is ideal for hiking, swimming, camping and observing flora and fauna

Ecotourism Center is located at the boundaries of the Lacandon Jungle (deciduous and evergreen), and through him, the mighty Rio Santo Domingo, which has several waterfalls and natural spas.

Clouds, City of Wonder Tenejapa, Chiapas, Mexico.

It is located 124 km from Comitan.


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