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isla aguada is a small fishing port of about 5 000 habitants

Isla  Aguada is a small fishing port of about 5 000 habitants and is surrounded by the Gulf of Mexico and Lake terms and is located between Sabancuy and CD del Carmen, Isla Aguada offers visitors miles of beaches toenjoy the sea, sand and sun without being hassled by street vendors or large crowds of other resorts.

The island was uninhabited for long. It was used only as a place of refuge for sailors during the season of northern and squalls. In 1762, as governor of the prison Bernardo Saenz Montero, pirates settled there. Had attacked a bongo that came from the Usumacinta with goods and passengers for Yucatan, they stole everything they had, then stayed on the island hindering navigation.Bernardo, in those circumstances, sent a detachment of heavily armed men in two ships, which fell by surprise on the thieves they began to flee, but the small army overtook them, recovered the goods and took some prisoners, of allwhich the governor gave notice to some colonial authorities.

After this, the governor had built a small fort and a watchtower, giving time to the place of some strength for the care of the island. Those were probably the first inhabitants of Isla Aguada. By 1824, at the beginning of independent life of the country, was nominated for an assistant judge Isla Aguada, who was Mr. José María Castro, during the Caste War of Yucatan, the population increased, as many families who had gone to Sabancuy Isla Aguada found in better conditions to develop. The presidential resolution that gave the people of the ejido was issued on October 25, 1923. The town of Isla Aguada belongs to Ciudad del Carmen. That is, an elongation of the municipal ejido.

Aguada Island is a beautiful fishing port located in the state of Campeche between Sabancuy and Ciudad del Carmen.

Still a virgin paradise offers endless natural attractions in a few places you can find, starting with the simplicity of its people who greet you with kindness and warmth, its natural beauty and environment surrounded by peace and tranquility, make this place is a natural paradise that you can not miss the opportunity to meet and enjoy.

Still virgin beaches invite you to relax and unwind as you've never done, for you privacy and ideal for romantic or looking to get away from the stress the careful cause its white sand is wonderful to sit back and soak up the sun a wonderful way to enjoy it the most, as well as in all the length and breadth of it you can collect beautiful shells you can take a souvenir, the emerald coast is ideal for cooling off and enjoy the calm, shallow waters undoubtedly will revive and will leave behind the stress.

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