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tututepec Located in the coastal region of Oaxaca


He says the chronicle, you agree to the King of the Mixtec found a kingdom on the coast, south, leaves the Prince Mzatzin foundation. Huidzo Nizainzo King, Zahu in Ilantongo in the year 357 of the vulgar era, Prince agreed to send Mzatzin populate the south coast to her farm in his kingdom, not only to inhabit it and its descendants, but to extend their domains to the Pacific Ocean, he knew that the land was lush, watered by the rivers which fertilized and attractive for its beautiful forests.
Prince pleased with finding a place so lively and rich production, exclaimed to his captains: "The gods protect our hopes with the acquisition of this valuable land, it will be the seat of my kingdom and the country of my subjects," that shortly after this exclamation, presented his view a mountain crowned with sea birds and said to the priests and elders who were the people's council. "The birds we observe from that point something we want to give out their cries, as though our presence, do not run, but we expect."

Located in the coastal region of the state, west longitude coordinates 97 ° 36 ', 16 ° 08' north latitude and an altitude of 280 meters above sea level.
The climate of this town is hot and humid type.

The Lordship of Tututepec (Mixtec: Yuhuitayu yucu Dzaa) was one of four major kingdoms (Coixtlahuaca, Nuu Tnoo Huahui Andehui, Tlaxiaco and Tututepec) from the Mixteca region, located in the Costa Chica, or call Coast Mixteca.

Tututepec (name derived from the Nahuatl Tototepec, which means Hill of the Birds, translated from the Mixtec name yucu Dzaa, which means Hill of the Bird), was the capital of the manor or chieftainship of his name, the most powerful political center of the Late Postclassic period ( 1100 - 1522), the only area of ​​the Mixteca never put the Aztecs at the time of the Spanish Conquest

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