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pachuca de soto , hidalgo state

pachuca de soto

Pachuca de Soto (in Otomi: Njünthe in Nahuatl: Pachyohcān) is a Mexican city, county seat of the homonymous municipality and capital of the State of Hidalgo.It is located in the central-eastern Mexico, is located 96 km north of Mexico City, with an altitude from 2400 to 2800 meters above the sea.2

It has a population of 267 862 inhabitants, the metropolitan area of ​​Pachuca has a population of 511 981 inhabitants in an area of ​​1358.8 km2, and is made up of 7 municipalities of Hidalgo, 4 being the twenty-ninth metropolitan area of ​​Mexico.

The city has a high human development index of 0.9022 (2005), 5 and has an annual per capita income in 2005 of 16 381 (PPP dollars) and an index entry 0.8510.5

The city was founded in 1438 by Grupo Mexico in New Spain was part of one of the most important mining centers, and this is where, for the first time, the amalgamation method used to obtain the silver, known as a benefit of patio.2 In 1869, Benito Juárez creates the state of Hidalgo, designating as the state's capital city Pachuca.2

It hosts Pachuca Football Club, founded in 1901 by English miners during the reign of Porfirio Diaz, 6 who became the first football club Mexico.7 official with the city of Mount Royal are widely known for its cuisine mainly pastes.8 is popularly known by the locals and the rest of Mexicans as graceful or beautiful as the Bride of Viento.9

Pachuca, the capital of our state of Hidalgo, we are north latitude 20 ° 07 'and 21 "W 98 ° 44' and 09" with an altitude from 2,400 to 2,800 meters above sea level .

Pachuca de Soto is adjacent to:
Mineral del Chico North and Mineral del Monte, on the south Zempoala and Zapotlán Juarez, on the east Mineral de la Reforma and Epazoyucan, and west with St. Augustine Tlaxiaco

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