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pomuch campeche

pomuch campeche

On the road from Merida to Campeche, south of the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico, we found a sign on the road ("Traditional Bakery Pomuch"), which is not very easy to see if one is focused on the road. However, the spirit of research and our always willing to try all things that taste food put in front of youinvited us to stop and look for the entrance to that place ... (read more and see the FOTROGRAFÍAS we have after the jump)

The town of Pomuch, as locals call it, is a small town that at one time wasdivided by the road and now has been out for the deliverance. The railwaypasses behind the town parallel to the road, and at one time the station was the main driver Pomuch economic and social place. To say the sign is worn at the entrance, there is (or was) 6284 inhabitants.

In Pomuch can see a green kiosk in the center of the square and a church ofunfinished high yellow walls very smooth or textured, as is characteristic of the churches in that area of Yucatan and Campeche. But what else can you do tobe there are bakeries that advertise the sale of bread Pomuch traditional, froma loaf or sandwchón that its interior is ham, yellow cheese and chiles, anisebread, pigeons, the polvorón thread and even the soft corn bread and cinnamon.

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