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san pedro ayutla and san pablo ayutla, oaxaca


Located in the Sierra Norte region, belongs to the Mixe district. It is located at coordinates 17 ° 02 'north latitude and 96 ° 04' west longitude, at an altitude of2.180 meters over sea level.

Its climate is cold temperate humid, with warmer micro-regions in the lowlandsand ravines. The rainy season begins in May and ends in October with drizzles in the other months of the year.

Ayutla name means "where an abundance of turtles," comes from the voicesayotl_ turtle
tla-suffix denoting abundance, St. Peter and St. Paul in honor of the founders of the church.

San Pedro and San Pablo Ayutla is a municipality in the towering Sierra Norte de Oaxaca Mixe belongs to the district, the ayuujk, commonly called mixes,descendants of the ancient Olmec civilization are one of the 15 ethno-linguistic groups present in the State of Oaxaca, which uses and customs are steeped inthe deepest tradition.

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