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minatitlan veracruz

minatitlan veracruz

Minatitlan is a compound of Spanish and Nahuatl in honor of the insurgent Francisco Javier Mina, the oldest oil town in the southeast. When traveling by boat up the river reach the Lake Manatee in November is enhanced by the arrival of thousands of migratory birds in the United States and Canada, 24 kilometers south of Coatzacoalcos Minatitlan we will see whose name derives from the landscape of Quetzalcoatl says that once he built up a raft and sailing in the river disappeared. "Coatl" means snake and "Tzancualli" where snakes hide, Coatzacoalcos today is a modern city with wide avenues and an exciting social and business life.
It is located in the Isthmus area of ​​the state, at coordinates 17 ° 59 'north latitude and 94 ° 33' west longitude, at a height of 20 meters above sea level.Coatzacoalcos bordered to the north, northeast with Ixhuatlán Southeast, east Moloacán, south to the state of Oaxaca, Hidalgotitlan southwest, northwest to Cosoleacaque. Its approximate distance to the southeast of the state capital, by road is 400 km
Minatitlan, a city south of Veracruz, Mexico. Head of the municipality of the same name, was a seaport on the banks of the Coatzacoalcos River, it sets the Pemex refinery in "Refinery General Lazaro Cardenas del Rio." First and largest in Latin America until 2004, 2 currently reconfiguración.3

It is the sixth largest city in the state, 4 and one of 80 of the country belonging to the Rating 4 of 8 major functional regions by population, economic and industrial activity; 6 with HDI of 0.839 in position 16 of the state, 7 and GDP per capita 0.654.8

Municipality located north of the Isthmus of Tehuantepec and Olmec region of Veracruz, 9 at coordinates 17 ° 59 'north latitude and 94 ° 33' west longitude, at a height of 20 meters above sea level with land area of ​​4123.91 km2, accounting for 5.66% of the state total. Bordered on the north coastal city of Coatzacoalcos and the municipality of Cosoleacaque, on the northeast Ixhuatlán Southeast, east Moloacán and Las Choapas, Uxpanapa the south and southwest and Jáltipan Hidalgotitlan.

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