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León de los Aldama is located in the Guanajuato State

leon de los aldama, guanajuato

León de los Aldama is located in the  Guanajuato State. Has 1137465 habitants. León de los Aldama is 1800 meters above sea level.

Terrirorio inhabited in ancient times by various indigenous groups as Toltecs,Chichimeca guamares among others. The oldest settlements in the municipalityof Guanajuato dating Preclassic horizon.

Leon Guanajuato is a city that was founded on January 20, 1576 under the name Villa de Leon, by the Viceroy of New Spain, Don Martin Enriquez de Almanza, who directs the Doctor Don Juan de Orozco establish a town thatcalled "Valley Lady" and then "Villa de Leon," that in order to create aprotective barrier chichimecas attacks.

The city of León, county seat, is located at 101 ° 41 '00''arc, equivalent to 6 hours 46 minutes 44 seconds west longitude of Greenwich and 21 °07'22''north latitude. The municipal territory includes area of ​​1883.20 square kilometers, equivalent to 3.87% of the state and the 0.095% nationwide

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