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loreto baja california sur

Located in the state of Baja California Sur in the municipality of Loreto, the total area of ​​the protected area is 206.581 ha. This consists mainly of mangroves, coastal dunes and xeric shrub.

It presents a wide variety of marine coastal environments with rocky, sandy beaches, gorges, canyons, marine terraces, which has led to its geographical position with the establishment of populations of marine biogeographic provinces panama, California.

There is also a high endemic terrestrial species inhabiting the islands, which are considered an important reservoir of germplasm. It is an ecological area of ​​great biodiversity and natural productivity.

is a Mexican city of Baja California Sur. Is the capital of the homonymous municipality and is located 220 miles north of La Paz, capital of the state.

Within the Bay Area will find beaches and calm waters as Nopoló Puerto Escondido, where you can enjoy a delicious variety of seafood dishes such as "clams chocolates", prepared in countless recipes, prior to enjoying a feast of fish and seafood, accompanied by an exquisite array of white and red wines, just before going to dance until dawn in one of the nightclubs are located in the downtown area where the atmosphere and the most modern music is guaranteed .

There are great places for exploration as they are beautiful beaches where you can go kayaking, snorkeling and sailing. The islands offer something for everyone, as Isla del Carmen, with beautiful beaches, the cliffs Isla Danzante in favor diving and ideal for Isla Catalana environmentalists who like to admire the unique flora and fauna of the place.

Loreto is a privileged place for fishing, where you can catch mahi mahi, wahoo, tuna, dorado and more.

The location of the municipality of Loreto part of a unique geographical environment, nature favors with contrasting landscapes of desert, the sea and the mountains.

The municipality of Loreto is located in the central part of Baja California Sur, located within 26 ° 33 '11 "and 25 ° 12' 15" north latitude and 111 ° 46 '22' 110 ° 55 "15 ' west of Greenwich.

Loreto is a perfect destination for diving enthusiasts because it offers beautiful dive sites. One of them is Coronado Island, located 10 miles from Loreto sea, where you can dive to observe exotic species of fish that live there, in the northern part of the island is recommended to dive because there find the bestcoral reefs.

video was created by the Alternative Tourism Group Generation 2008-2010, Loreto UABCS campus as a project of tourist attraction in the area of ​​English teacher Jacques Jesus Ayala. Loreto a destination rich in beauty and culture, missions, ranches, Sierra, Sun & Beach, Islands, Hot Springs, endemic species, a special destination for any tourist, those who like adventure and adrenaline as well as those who prefer a leisure and relaxation, endless resources that make it unique and attractive, definitely worth a visit LORETO!

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