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Iguala de la Independencia, historic town in the state of Guerrero, Mexico,


Iguala de la Independencia, historic town in the state of Guerrero, Mexico, located 99 kilometers south of the city of Cuernavaca and 108 kilometers away from Chilpancingo, the state capital. It is the third most important town in the state only after Chilpancingo and Acapulco. The importance of this city lies mainly in the following definitive historical facts in the history of Mexico:

The signing of the document known as the Plan de Iguala February 24, 1821where it acknowledged for the first time officially Mexico's independence from Spain, and the union of the insurgent armies and realistic Trigarante called Army.
The development of the Flag of Mexico also February 24, 1821 by the tailor and barber José Magdaleno Ocampo.
On October 27, 1849, with Mexico's President Jose Joaquin de Herrera, erect the State of Guerrero and is designated as the first capital city of Iguala

While tourism in Iguala is an important economic activity, the city has someinteresting sites, which include the Church of St. Francis of Assisi built in thenineteenth century and the Laguna de Tuxpan, characterized by its unique beauty and done in recent years has become a major center of attraction due tothe large number of personal watercraft racing world-class performed therealso has 2 jewelers centers where they can find a wealth of jewelry which is manufactured right here the best quality.

The town of Iguala lies north of the city of Chilpancingo, the municipal head isIguala de la Independencia, is at a distance of 100 kilometers above theAcapulco-Mexico federal highway, located between latitudes 18 ° 13 'and 18 °27 'north latitude and between 99 ° 29' and 99 ° 42 'west longitude, on the meridian of Greenwich.

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