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Cuautla is a city of Cuautla county seat and is part of metropolitan Cuautla


The Heroic and Historic Cuautla is a city of Cuautla county seat and is part of metropolitan Cuautla shared with the municipalities of Ayala (Anenecuilco) and Yautepec (Oaxtepec) in the state of Morelos in Mexico. Its name in Nahuatl "Kuahtlán" means woods or forest, its etymology comes from Kuah-uitl, "tree, pole or tree," and tlan-tli, proposition "abundancial" and translates as "Grove or forest" also is said to mean Gathering of Eagles (from cuauhtli, "eagle" and tlan, earth). It is the second largest city in the state of Morelos. Cuautla has a population of 175 207 inhabitants. Its metropolitan area has a population of 383 010 inhabitants is the second most importartante conurbation in the state only to the metropolitan area of ​​Cuernavaca.
For phonetic Grove or forest. (Mr. Vicente Reyes, Cecilia A. Róbelo and Aragon). Another meaning is "place of eagles."
The municipality of Cuautla is located in the eastern part of the state under extreme geographical coordinates: North 18 º 49 'south latitude 18 º 49'de north east 98 ° 57', west longitude 99 º 01'de.
Cuautla is known for its climate and beaches with water fun What's better than given away for a big fun with your family and friends?
Walking here is a trip through history. City scene of heroic deeds as the site of Cuautla in the war of independence. The names of the streets of the population refers to the historical moments that lived during the siege.

To begin the tour in this city, we recommend the old railroad station, located in what was the orchard of the former convent of San Diego seventeenth century, is home to the only steam engine narrow gauge still works around the country , site of many television programs and films as "El Zorro" Antonio Banderas and "Zapata" by filmmaker Alfonso Arau. Here you can visit the cloister of the former convent turned into a museum "José María Morelos", a library and municipal tourist offices.

To the south lies the city center, flanked by former convent of Santo Domingo de Guzman, the sixteenth century, notably curtailed and the Municipal Palace, whose gates were shown the body of General Emiliano Zapata 11 and April 121919, after being treacherously murdered.

Two blocks south of the base and front of the church of the Lord of Pueblo, is the Plaza of the Revolution in the South, with a huge statue of Emiliano Zapata at the foot of it in a box are the remnants of the Mexican hero who gave their lives to defend its ideals of "Freedom, justice and law."

Stinking Water can visit place whose waters contain healing properties due to its deposits of minerals like magnesium, calcium, sodium, iron, etc. With a pleasant temperature of 27 º C, has two pools, two wading pools, slides and other services.

I also recommend The Almeal, with two fresh water springs low salt, the temperature is 18 degrees Celsius. It has two pools and two wading pools, sports courts, restaurant and slide.

Finally, other options are lemons, with 3 pools, a wading pool, a children's slide, changing rooms, sports fields, parking and restaurant, or Agua Linda is located inside the Sports Hall.

If you're a fan of skydiving, you can not let you jump to conquer the skies of Cuautla, Morelos, where you will find one of the safest areas of the country jump

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