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yal ku lagoon and natural park

yal ku lagoon

This wonderful lake view that just invite you into its clear waters, is the outlet of an underground river that mixes with the sea, so its water is brackish (a mixture of freshwater and saltwater).

The site has parking and toilets, do not have to rent snorkel gear so it is recommended to take.

The waves are so smooth at the join where the lagoon and the sea that is seamless, there are also plenty of rocks that allow multi-colored fish such as golden cows, parrotfish, blue barbers triggerfish, sea urchins, sea stars, damsels and sergeants .
Yalkú lagoon, near Akumal, is connected to the sea, and the mixture of fresh and salt water provides an ideal ecosystem for communities of parrot fish, turtles and other large tropical fish.

All these things can be observed by snorkel (snorkeling) in the lagoon, experience strongly recommended.
Access is from the main road, a few kilometers past the Hotel Kantenah Southbound (towards Tulum). I think the entry points as North Akumal and Half Moon, because there meteis you and going through the streets of a residential community to reach at the entrance to Yal-ku. It is easy to locate. Maybe there is another more direct input from the road, we entered by the development.


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