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yunuén, island pátzcuaro lake

Yunuén means "half moon" by the curved shape of the island about 200 meters and its main allure is its fresh evergreen vegetation and its typical buildings that reflect the traditions and ancient culture of its inhabitants.
A walkway runs along the, from simple dock / port of the island to its opposite end, where in 1993 he opened 9 log cabins to receive tourists, dining room, a shop and a games room.
On 1 November the people awaiting the arrival of those who come from another world, so go to the cemetery to perform the "kejtzítakua zapícheri" revelation of the angels or dead little ones, held earlier that day.
On this island community organization has been very important for the operation of ecotourism center, which is harmoniously integrated with the local construction of the island, which includes a former military fort that has been converted into a multipurpose room with wall paintings that refer to the local culture. The interrelationship between visitors and locals is very narrow and can meet and interact closely with the customs, traditions and beliefs of local P'urhépecha culture. Worth seeing are the festivities taking place in celebration of Day of the Dead on Easter and decembrinas parties.

Activities / attractions
Tours of the Riviera populations of Lake Patzcuaro and other islands in the lake as Pacanda Tecuena, the well-known Urandenes and Janitzio Island. Boat tours, rent kayaks and pedal boats, traditional fishing, hiking in the community, and visit the bird sanctuary. Beautiful day and night views of Lake Patzcuaro and the plateau P'urhépecha, suitable for assessing the environment, landscape and shooting.

Has lodging for families of four people and couples in 7 cabins type cribs, made entirely of wood, with all facilities and kitchenette, two hostels for 16 people each, a multipurpose room for 40 people and 4 small rooms working capacity of 8 persons each, games room, family palapas with grills, communal store of provisions, panoramic restaurant with traditional food for 50 people.
the town of Yunuén (Yunuén Island) is located in the town of Patzcuaro (State of Michoacán de Ocampo). Has 123 inhabitants. Yunuén (Yunuén Island) is 2060 meters above sea level.
The success of this resort has been so great, now the formalities are underway to unite the island, by a funicular, with Pacanda, which lends itself more to install flat camps and sports fields

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