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zaachila, oaxaca is a typical mexican town of province

Zaachila is a typical Mexican town of province. It is located 25 kms. Oaxaca City in the central valleys. Many tourists visit the church dedicated to Our Lady of the Nativity, the marketplace, and of course the typical snow stations are located around the main square. There, visitors can enjoy various flavors of this creamy dessert, there's tuna, milk, burnt, nutty, which incidentally is produced locally. Snow flavor is produced in metal cylinders placed in half barrels filled with ice and salt. First you prepare the flavored water and empties into the cylinder. Then the cylinder is rotated quickly and ice cold causes the water to freeze and adhere to the cylinder where it is scraped.operation continues until all the water freezes and becomes snow.
The main set consists of a palace where they discovered two graves, one with extraordinary portrayal of characters such as "Lords of Hell" and other so-called "5 grain" and "9 flower." Tomb 2 contained a rich offering of objects made of gold, jade and other materials.
Currently, Zaachila is a town, semi, which still retains vestiges of its exciting history.Ten colonial churches, can be seen in Zaachila. 2 In addition to archaeological sites.One, even under the church, the church of San Sebastian.

The approximate total population, based on the latest national census, and the percentage of population growth, adjusted to 2008 estimates, a total of 28.003 inhabitants.

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