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Rio Nexpa known internationally as a world class destination for surfing.

Nexpa  is known internationally as a world class destination for surfing. The surf spot is a long wall and slowly breaking into several sections, you can take the tube at different sections of the wave tube the first break point is at the mouth of the river, with routes up to 250 meters when the sections are connected . When not connected Nexpa surf dose appears to be about 5 peaks. There is also a good beach break south of the river mouth.

Nexpa River gets the most swell in summer, sometimes enormous, from June to September, but surf can be expected throughout the year. There are basically two seasons, summer (wet) and winter (dry) The rainy season is from June to October and dry season is from November to May.

Quality surf spot

Quality of regional olasClásico
ExperienciaSurfistas with average experience
FrecuenciaMuy consistent (150 day / year)
Type Wave Mouth
Average Power, Powerful
NormalLargo length (150 to 300 m)
Long máximaMuy length (300 to 500 m)
Tide, wave and wind
MareaSudoeste good direction, South
Address Vientonorte, Northeast
MareaEmpieza size of the operation in 1.0m-1.5m / 3ft-5ft and remains to 5m / 16 ft and more
MareaMarea condition medium and low
Best upward movement mareaMarea
More details
Town during the surfers semanaMuchos
SemanaMuchos town in late surfers
- Current / Surf
- Rocks

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