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Ek 'Balam is a pre-Columbian archaeological site in the municipality of Temozón inYucatán, Mexico.

Ek 'Balam is a pre-Columbian archaeological site in the municipality of
Temozón  inYucatán, Mexico. These buildings were built by
Maya civilization. The site is located 30 km north of Valladolid,
2 km from a small Mayan village of the same name. In the Yucatec Maya
name means "Black Jaguar". In ancient times, was a large city
control of a populous and prosperous country. Its architecture dates
impressive, largely, to the Late Classic.

The architecture of Ek Balam to what we currently know it is not
comparison. The buildings have been completely released and
partial exploration of the Acropolis have been allowed to see the features built
architectural, decorative show that Ek Balam is not like
any other known pre-Hispanic settlement. The way they are
distributed buildings, and the way they and their elements that
were richly decorated are very special and different from those
know. Ek Balam not only highlights the differences with other
pre-Hispanic cities, but variations of the site itself. Each
restored structures and individual characteristics.
Each building provides new data restructured. We can see in him
features of the Peten, the PUC, the East Coast and possibly other
cultural regions of the Maya area, but its elements are combined to give
shape the place and a style that might Ek Balam irradiated to
other centers around who were under his control.

Ek Balam is one of Latter archaeological sites discovered in the
Yucatan Peninsula and is perhaps one of the most important Mayan ruins
ever found.

Ek Balam (The black Jaguar or Tiger Star) is located
north of the colonial city of Valladolid, halfway between
Merida and Cancun. To get Take the Cancun-Merida highway, exit
Valladolid and head north towards the city of Tizimin.
From Cancun or Merida, the trip takes more than two hours.

Ek Balam is composed of several temples, two palaces and a huge
Great Pyramid in the center of the city.

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