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maruata, michoacan

Maruata is a set of mini beaches are perhaps the most beautiful coast of Michoacan, even has a runway 1200 meters long and 30 wide. Next to it is the indigenous community of the same name. In the main bay Coire mouth of the creek, which feeds a lush river plain flora.
Faced with the warm sands in the west, there breaking a rocky sea cliff strange figure, with several points, among which is the rock of Pedra Branca, which can be seen from a distance. Then there is a cove with three notches, or creeks and a beach, in the first stream flows. Then, trim several mountain ridges inland, four of which penetrate the softness of the sea. Seen in the cliffs and caverns, as an eternal sea lookouts, numerous points and rocks at the water. The last bay has a beach more than the others. Ahead lies the village of Colola, with its river. Your bank draws a straight line, with yellow sand beaches, nearly six miles long.

Against a plain about a mile long, six hundred meters west of Colola, there is another gap. The toilet brush and streams draining into the lagoon Chipana beach at the end of which appears a more and the mouth of the river Mutiny Gold, which is delta and bar. Continuing along this coast is Punta San Telmo or Faro de Bucerias.

Maruata is an incredible place, very beautiful beaches both the landscape of the mountain behind the friendly people ymuy good weather all year round is very quiet, almost no tourists, eldifícil access to the coast has kept most virgin, so understand that there is no first class travel services, is an ecotourism destination, bohemian air, some surfing, fishing, boat ride, plenty of sunshine ... among the most lodging options is to camp classics by, or hang your hammock one of the huts, although there are a few cabñas, in high season here will be many people for such a small place and few services.

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