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Misol-ha (water bars) is only 20 km from the city of Palenque,

Misol-ha (water bars) is only 20 km from the city of
Palenque, a beautiful waterfall of over 30 meters.
They are small and big jumps to show the natural beauty poured into
waters that are in Chiapas, where visitors and admire himself
waterfalls as Misol-hal, which stand as the ways to receive
the gentle breeze of a man's approach to the environment.

• Input:

$ 15.00 per person.

• Nearby Attractions:

Agua Azul Falls majestic beauty, considered one of the
world's most stunning landscapes. The turquoise color of its
water and the green of the jungle, creating one of the most generous and contrasts
sublime nature.

Palenque archaeological zone is surrounded by jungle and mysticism, is part of
the most enigmatic of the country. settlement was powerful
rulers of the Mayan culture.

• Getting there:

Is located 26 km from Palenque by federal highway no. 199,
Ocosingo Palenque, where it is located an offset of 2 km.
approx. (20 minutes long).

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