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loltun caves at yucatán

Loltún caves in the Yucatan Peninsula, south of Oxkutzcab. The cave contains paintings attributed to the Maya of the Late Preclassic period or more. The name signifuca something like "Stone Flower" ("Lol-Tun") in Mayan.

It is located 110 kilometers southwest of Merida, at a distance of 10 km. South of the city of Oxkutzcab.

This cave is one of the largest in all of Mexico, according to the tests extended over two miles. Within Loltún confirming evidence of human occupation, such as bison bones recovered from the mammoth, cats, and horses still plehistocénico. On the walls you can observe natural formations and paintings, hand painted with representations of the technique of negative human faces painted on the walls, sculptural representations, representations of animals and geometric figures. some tools were also recovered.
The Maya also used the cave as shelter and remove the clay used to create tools. During the tour you visit the galleries and natural formations known locally as "musical columns, a vault known as the Cathedral, jaltunes, Grand Canyon, corn cob, baby, hand paint black, the fourth of stalactites and trenches." were also found remains of extinct animal bones of mammoths and vegetation different from today. The occupation Loltún goes back over 10,000 years and served as a refuge for the caste war.

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