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Chansayab Lacanjá in the jungle of Chiapas is the largest Lacandon Maya people

Chansayab Lacanjá in the jungle of Chiapas is the largest Lacandon Maya people, is about 6 km approx of San Javier on the Border Highway and 12 km of Bonampak.su flora and fauna are characteristic of the area, decorated with waterfalls and streams or even Lacanjá River flowing through their areas hierba.Las nights here are wonderfully quiet, the sky with stars and screaming down the twinkling fireflies. backpacker tourism, campers and ecotourists is now an important source of revenue income for the community, many families have formed "camps," rooms with space for a hammock. Approaching the village crosses the River Lacanjá on a bridge, which is 700 meters from a central intersection.

The camps offer guided walks through the woods that surround the 8m high, 30 meters wide-Cascada Cascada I Kusam Toch, little explored ancient Mayan ruins Lacanjá, and 2.5 km long Lacanjá Laguna. The cascade of fact can be reached by a path of self-guide, the 2.5 km trail already Kusam Toch (admission M $ 35), which begins at 200 meters west of the central intersection. To continue from the fall of the ruins (two miles or less) who need a guide. A typical walking tour of three hours and costs fall from the ruins M $ 200 M to $ 450 per group plus admission fee for the trail.

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Staying in Lacanjá is an interesting experience, and the Lacandon people are friendly and quiet, but do not expect to find much evidence of their old way of life, the villagers here are now predominantly Catholic and in tune with the modern world, and only some use Lacandon traditional long white robe. Some have developed their traditional crafts to commercial effect, and you can find pottery, woodcarvings, seed necklaces, arrows, and drums that sell in the community.

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