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barra de coyuca, guerrero

Coyuca bar is a beautiful place where they meet the lagoon and the sea
and is in the rainy season when it disappears naturally to
recreated in times of low rainfall river. But
precisely in September when they gather fifty men
to open with a shovel for the river to the sea to vent
and this is further reason to produce a strong current in the
Tues which enriches the pond with a variety of fish.

Coyuca Bar is one of the most beautiful Mexican State
of Guerrero, near Acapulco. The Bar is a beach
separates the sea from the lake, an area of land in the rainy season
is even and at that time flooded lake and sea merge into one.

There are boat trips to the islands found in the lake, and
another thing that you can not miss is the fish from the grill
spot can prepare the numerous restaurants available throughout
Coyuca Bar.

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