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Patzcuaro is located in the center of the state of Michoacán,


Patzcuaro is located in the center of the state of Michoacán, 50 km southwest of Morelia, in a lake basin that provides a temperate climate with rain in summer and annual average temperature of 16 ° C.

The bucolic image of the city, with its magnificent buildings of adobe and tile, and the solemn presence of monumental temples as Our Lady of Health or the Temple of San Agustín, in contrast to the lively atmosphere that is observed in Basque around the Plaza de Quiroga, a major business center of the city or the House of Eleven Patios, where you will find many crafts that are examples of the ability of the Purépecha people like the sculptures of cornstalk pulp or work lacquered wood that distinguish the region.

Guests will admire one of the most fertile regions of Mexico lake and visit the Lake Patzcuaro, where festivals and customs Purépecha culture are more entrenched, as well as demonstrate its colorful celebrations in honor of the dead, besides be an important recreational area where a range of exciting adventure activities like mountain biking and paragliding.

On the banks of Lake Patzcuaro can visit the archaeological sites of Ihuatzio Tzintzutzan, remarkable testimonies of Michoacan's indigenous past, in addition to sample delicious culinary samples of the region, as traditional tamales stuffed with white fish and the variety of gruel and drink made from corn.

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