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Puebla city Known as the "City of Angels" and Cultural Heritage of Humanity,

Known as the "City of Angels" and Cultural Heritage of Humanity, Puebla is located 136 km from Mexico City. Its climate is temperate, with cool summers, semi and heavy during the summer and early autumn, its average annual temperature is 16 ° C.
This city has about 5,000 colonial buildings from the XVI century baroque mainly trend, most notably its cathedral, a perfect example of the architectural beauty of the city. The perfect line from their monasteries, churches and squares, seems to have been made by the hand of the angels. The city's cultural wealth is not only reflected in its architecture, its cuisine perfectly combines pre-Hispanic heritage, Arabic, French and Spanish, which is reflected in his famous dishes like chiles in walnut sauce and mole poblano, which have become famous world.

The same goes for their handicrafts and Talavera, the tree of life, the paintings on bark paper and the whimsical designs in onyx and marble, all ready for visitors to its beautiful and traditional craft markets and plazas. Dressed in gray stone, Puebla is the fifth largest city in Mexico. In its streets reticular trace discover wonderful places and imposing facades decorated with ironwork balconies. In its natural beauties surrounding area where various activities take place outdoors, be sure to visit the Izta-Popo National Park, Parque Nacional La Malinche or Biosphere Reserve Tehuacán Valley, the largest in the world.

Izta-Popo National Park. It is located 55 kilometers from the city of Puebla. This beautiful site is a protected area because it provides water and oxygen to the most populated areas of your surroundings. Its more than 25,600 ha. slopes and are complemented by the volcanoes Popocatepetl and Iztaccihuatl, second and third peaks in the country, respectively. Previously, these places were very popular with fans of mountaineering, which is why near the summit shelter was installed. Although today access is restricted, you can enjoy a walk or picnic among pine and oak forests

Cholula. It is located 9.2 km from the city of Puebla. Its climate is temperate subhumid with summer rains. Among its most important holidays are of the Apostolos Andreas, San Isidro Labrador, of the Blessed Virgin of Remedios and San Diego de Alcala. From his handicraft's floral carpets, carved in wax figures for the festivities, candles and figurines indigenous ritual use. During your visit to this site can not miss the archaeological zone, which includes seven bases among which the pyramid dedicated to Chiconahui Quiahuitl, with a base of 400 m per side, making it the largest pyramid base in the world. From the main square of this town you can admire the church of Los Remedios, the parish of San Andrés Cholula, the church of Santa Maria Tonantzintla and church of San Francisco Acatepec, magnificent examples of Baroque architecture of the S. XVI and XVII.

Cuetzalan. It is located 174 km from the city of Puebla, in the area of the Sierra Norte. This picturesque place, bathed in mist most of the year for its climate and vegetation, is a place of traditions that are reflected in its cuisine, crafts, parties and the warmth of its people. Visit the Church of La Conchita and the Sanctuary of Guadalupe, the neoclassical City Hall Russian, the Ethnographic Museum and its surroundings Calmahustic Masatepec, San Andrés Tzicuilan and Yohualichan archaeological zone.
Onix and Spurs. It is recommended to drive for this route. Departure is from the city of Puebla, 21.2 km in the direction of Cuauhtinchan. The site of interest is the Ex Convento de San Juan Bautista, which boasts a majestic architecture can also visit the Religious Art Museum which displays beautiful images carved in wood. You can try the tasty barbecue. Just 6 km from this point is tecalli de Herrera, here you can visit the ruins of the former Convent of St. James the Apostle, yet its architecture survives the weather. Continuing the route, 11km Tepeaca is where you can enjoy a rich guajillo sauce fish or greens if you prefer a green sauce, while the food digestion makes it, scroll maze of small streets of the town. You can spend the night here, as it has places for it. In the morning you can enjoy in all its splendor places like the former Convent of San Francisco with its Chapel of the Third Order, Rollo, The House of the Viceroys and House of Cortés. After finishing the tour of the town, the next and last stop is Amozoc, which is 18 km. of the capital and back. From its architecture should not miss the Ex Convento de San Francisco de Asis and the parish of St. Mary of the Assumption. We recommend this route in two days.


In the archaeological sites near the city of Puebla you can admire the splendor of the Preclassic horizon. Among the ruins of a great civilization, will be surprised by the constant eye of the volcano La Malinche, very close to the site.
Cholula Archaeological Zone. It is located 8 km from Puebla, by the way called Quetzalcoatl. Known as the oldest city in America, has 7 bases overlapping, which highlights the pyramid dedicated to Chiconahui Quiahuitl, its base of 400 m per side makes it the world's largest base. In its museum will see replicas of the murals of butterflies and drinkers, as well as a model of the whole pyramid. Open Monday to Sunday from 10:00 to 16:30 hrs.

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